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Coloured Overlays and Reading Rulers

Visual Stress: "It's like your headache just went away!"

Visual Stress in the Workplace

Visual stress can significantly reduce productivity in the workplace. Our visual stress consultants can train your designated staff to carry out workplace assessments. Training is CPD accredited. For more information visit www.visualstresssolutions.com

Monster Phonics

A great new blended learning resource with loads of free material, interactive digital content and physical multisensory resources for classroom use.

What's on

THE BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE, LONDON. (Two day event: 5-6 Oct) This free-to-attend event has all the resources, ideas, advice and CPD training to provide teachers, SENCOs, support staff and parents with the tools and skills to help all pupils achieve. We would say without hesitation that if you were interested in CPD and resources for SEN teaching and could only go to one event in the year, this one is the no-brainer standout show. And it's in Islington, where there are lots of yummy places to eat!! (if you haven't spend all your money on resources...)


This annual event will be in Glasgow this year. Save the date: Dyslexia Scotland always lives up to its promise as Scot;land's national dyslexia conference. Top keynote speakers always headline the day, with excellent afternoon workshops, and there is an exhibition of selected specialist resource providers - including Crossbow, who have been making the trip north of the border for about 23 years to be part of this event.



I am a special education student in the United States, researching Dsylexia. The Web gave me access to your information, in the UK!! Your website gave me a lot of information to understand it better. Thank you.

I was ... mislabelled-labelled as thick, dumb and stupid, when at school. I have a problem with what some Teachers say about labelling as more often than not they label the children anyway but don't tell anyone. I would much prefer a label that we ALL know about than one of theirs that only they know about.